Petite Buddha Incense Temple #1

SOLD Wonderful circa 1920s petite buddha incense lamp base with its original silver finish and wood base holds a custom-designed Buddha Incense Temple #1 silk lampshade. The shade is hand-dyed Peking green into burnt orange and covered with antique fabrics including patterned antique silk metallic shot chiffon and very old gold metallic netting. Both center panels have arrangements of antique Chinese silk embroidered appliqués over the gold netting.

This petite shade has bespoke, hand-beaded glass fringe in wonderful matching colors of burnt orange, turquoise, Peking green, gold, and a dark, warm silver that matches the base. A vintage finial holds the shade on and can be viewed from the side.

This serene lamp lights up beautifully. An exquisite little lamp that would fit almost anywhere!

Overall height is 13 inches to the top of the shade.
Shade dimensions are approximately 8 x 5inches.


International shipping rates upon request.

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lamp base detail